Weekly Health Tip: A little goes a long way

In a society that bombards us with images of the uberthin, it is easy to get the wrong idea about what weight loss means. Here is what it doesn't mean: it doesn't mean being rail thin, or, fitting a size six. It does mean: small losses can drastically reduce your risk for illness.

Research shows that, for those who are overweight, losing just 5 to 15% of your weight can significantly lower your risk for: developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and certain types of cancer.

Recess June sale

Does your company culture need a wellness kickstart?

In the month of June, Recess is offering a way for companies and groups to sample our wares. We will be offering 4 hours of coursework for just $330 with no attendance restriction. The four hours can be broken down into increments as small as one hour if you wish to do a series or offer a course at multiple locations. Classes must be purchased by the end of June and used within 60 days.

Those who sign up receive a free corporate wellness survey (online or mail-in) and report. Wellness surveys assess reported interest in wellness programming, content, frequency, and duration. They are a great starting point for selecting the appropriate coursework to encourage participation. The report shows aggregate answers as well as anonymous comments from those surveyed. Survey participant identity is confidential.

Contact recess@recessfitness.com for details.

We're letting you do the bragging

Of course we love to brag. Who doesn't? But our high opinion of ourselves is hardly unbiased. So if you feel like us tooting our own horn lacks credibility then check our Web site each month to see what some of our customers have to say about us:

"After working in a very demanding job for 4 months, I slowly but surely stopped working out. I had absolutely no time or energy at the end of the day and I had better things to do than to go to the gym. I decided to try out Recess' fitness boxing class in the Pearl on Monday at noon because it was very convenient.

Tanya is the most motivational, fun, and challenging trainer I've ever had. To top it off, she plays great music. I love the idea of taking fitness into the workplace. Not only am I getting in better shape, but I am happier and mentally recharged when I return to work. I think this class is even helping me to incorporate exercise more into my daily routines because every part of my body is getting stronger. I now bike to and from work and all over town. Truly, the class and Tanya have helped me out of an exercise rut. "

- Gina in Portland, OR

Bike in heels!

So, you wanna start a revolution? Literally?

Bike in heels. Bike in whatever you are wearing.

But I'll get sweaty...

Sweat is sexy.

But I'll get rained on...

You'll dry off.

But I won't be able to listen to my bumpin' car stereo system...

Listen to the sounds of traffic and birds and the river.

An active lifestyle means integrating movement into your daily life. And if that means you have to get a little creative then so be it. Recess has a blog. Yes, it is true. We couldn't resist the inevitable. Click on the photos below to see how others are getting their bike on. Then throw your unique flavor in the mix by completing our photo assignment.

Your mission: bike to your own beat

Post photos of you biking in whatever you happen to be wearing (preferably wearing something). Bike to the grocery store, to the bank, to work. Let's prove to everyone, and especially ourselves, that being fit and healthy requires no special gear (except a helmet) - just get out there and ride!

Upload your photos by sending them as an email attachment to recess.upload.bike@buzznet.com

Please note that any text appearing in the subject line or body of your email will show up as a caption to the photo. So if you don't want everyone to know your office phone, then delete the signature from your emails.