Health Tip: Smoothe moves

The importance of a diet filled with fiber cannot be overstressed! It moves fairly easily and quickly through your digestive system to help it continue to run properly. In addition, fiber has also been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. And, did you know that fiber is found in many other places than just whole-wheat grains and bread? One cup of lentils, or one cup of black beans has 15.6, and 15.0 grams of fiber respectively. One medium sized pear has 5.1 grams of fiber, and one cup of peas has 8.8 grams of fiber. If one slice of whole-wheat bread has only 1.9 grams of fiber, any of these other foods would be a good substitute to maintain a well balanced and fiber filled diet!

The secret life of a bootcamper - revealed!

Have you ever wondered what bootcamp might be like?

Wonder no more. Two of Recess' more public campers have bared their secret health information to the world. Read their blogs and cheer them along here:


Brooke can certainly hold her own. She is the music director and sole female host on the z100 Buckhead Show. We think she might have a thing or two to teach us. She gets up when most of us are still snoring (3 a.m.!) to prepare for an hour of more hyperactive yuks than many will experience in a lifetime.

It should also be noted that Brooke's food choices in the photo to the left were made pre-Recess bootcamp. Right, Brooke?

When Courtenay isn't blogging about the clever ways we torture her with exercise and nutrition classes, she is entertaining the good people of Oregon and SW Washington on the OPB radio show LiveWire. And while we can't be 100% sure we think she is also the inventor on record for Geek Aerobics.

Tune in to OPB or come to the Aladdin theater on June 22 for a special LiveWire show. Recess CEO, Tanya Barham, will be infantalizing the concept of fitness. Watching or listening might just make you healthy without even knowing it.


Our Super Secret Yogis are back at it in a beautiful location on the Portland waterfront. If you live in Portland and are interested in stretching to the sound of water lapping against the shore as the sun sets to the West, sign up here for "Super Secret Yoga Society".

Once weather permits we will begin emailing you the super secret locations so that you, too, can join in the fun.

When: Wed. nights 6:00-7:30 p.m. as soon as it gets warm and dry enough.

How much: Classes are $10, or 3 for $24.

A few of our favorite things.

Do you like feeling good?

Who doesn't? You might be thinking that this is the part where we advise you to occasionally indulge in a little chocolate or ice cream to ward off cravings. Well that's okay too, but what about the kind of feeling good where you do something that helps someone, but at the end of the day you realize that your act of service actually makes YOU feel better? What is this amazing feel-good tonic? It''s....volunteering!

Wellness professionals are a service oriented bunch. Staff and practitioners at Recess love to volunteer and lend a hand to community organizations. Why? Well check this out. After Recess' CEO led a wellness class for a group of young women through Become X, we received the following postcard:

How great does it feel to read something like that?

Volunteer. Seriously, it feels great.

Here's where to get started.

In the Portland area

Just about everywhere else

Healthy lifestyle D.I.Y. - If it worked for Jarrod

Jarrod's secret? Subs make the difference.

Let's be honest. If you eat out a lot, staying healthy can feel like a quest for the holy grail. From portions to preparations to ingredients, it is hard to know what goes in to that delicious pasta or soup. Fast food to five stars and everything in between are seldom confused about what tastes good to human palettes. Our cravings stem from complex relationships between food and survival. Those relationships can be neatly summed up in a simple phrase: fat tastes good.

So what to do when dining out is less of a sometime treat and more of an everyday reality? Your salvation lies in most restaurants' willingness to make a few simple substitutions.

Consider this typical Sunday scenario: friends suggest we meet for brunch at the Everett Street Bistro. Charming, well-lit and bustling, we wait for a table next to an impressive selection of charcuterie. Is there any more tempting an experience than ogling a salami bulging with fat? Yes. Only steps away an alluring array of colorful pastries beckon. It's like a Mission Impossible style booby-trap for the health inclined.

One glance at the menu and I realize that everything looks delicious, but no one thing jumps out as a health-conscious choice. Granola? That's an amateur's mistake. The Roast Chicken Salad looks promising, but maybe a bit less filling than I'd hoped after a morning workout.

Be nice, but ask for what you want.

Thankfully our server has the patience of a saint. As people course through the narrow walkways he indulges my questions and list of substitutions. I order the Wild Mushroom Scramble with egg whites, dry toast, and fresh, lightly dressed greens instead of potatoes. The meal arrives looking every bit as delectable as my cohorts' benedicts and biscuits and gravy.

The greens are tender and crispy. The egg and goat cheese are delightfully creamy. Roasted wild mushrooms and asparagus keep things texturally interesting. Best of all my meal finds a balance of protein, fat, good carbs and fiber without being too over the top 'health nut' about it.

For those who love to eat out, but worry about their hard-earned figure, a patient staffer and a creative kitchen can go a long way toward enjoying a meal without worrying about your waist size.

Interested in learning about still more off-the-wall or creative ways to stay fit? Then listen to or attend LiveWire on OPB on June 22, where Recess will be infantilizing the concept of "fitness" by using children’s games as a way to get adults thinking about how they can make healthy movement the highlight of their day.

If you have a health topic that interests you and you would like to see it in the next D.I.Y. Healthy Lifestyle then write to with your request.